Local Christmas Support - Birth of a New Tradition

This email message has been circulating for about a year, from what I can tell. I can find Christmas 2012 -- Birth of a New Tradition  and Christmas 2012 -- Birth of a New Tradition. Odd that I don't see anyting for 2009 or earlier.

It is interesting how one of those 'angry' messages about American jobs, and 'attack on Christmas', and anti-China products can actually be spun to create a positive message.  I'm wondering if someone simply rewrote one of those anti- messages to still appeal to the angry villagers, yet promote a truly positive message.

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QR Codes Gone Crazy


You, yes you. Step away from those tools you are playing with. Now find someone that knows how to use them properly.

You are NOT qualified to work on a website.

No, really. Walk away now before you do more harm. Wow, cool, you found a new tool that creates those super-duper QR Codes, so you now think you can crank out some modern marketing?  Think again, and walk away... fast, before I kick you.

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QR Codes On Your Website

qr_codes_on_website-100It's all the rage now... QR Codes.  It seems the latest "Must Do" marketing tool is the QR Code, that funny looking box that you can scan with your smart device to pull up information.

Sliced Bread Move Over!

Put it on your letterhead, your business cards, your newspaper ads (for those that remember that newspapers used to have a lot of advertising).  Have a flyer? Make sure you have a QR code on it so people can get more info at your website!

Hey, this is a web tool, so let's put it on our website too!

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Nothing is more expensive than trying to save a buck

Go on. Look for great deals, discount bargains, dirt cheap services.  Save $10 here, $5 there. Try to get things for free... it's human nature. And it's greed.

Sure, if a deal pops up on somethng you were going to get anyway, take the savings. No one needs to be dumb and pay moren nor should anyone pay more just because they can afford more. But, for the greedy, saving just $1 more seems to be an obsession.

Remember, you get what you pay for.

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Don't need a smartphone, dummy?

Smartphones: better to have the features and not use them, than to need them and don't have them.

Sure, you have all those excuses, blah blah. "I don't need any of that", "I won't use any of it", "I just need a phone", "I don't want people to be texting me",  "I don't want to be interrupted all the time by twits and tweets and pokes".  Or maybe you don't want to be like the rest of the masses, as if you are special and unique. Right, just like every teen thinks going against the masses is different and unique.  How ironic... old people not wanting to be like teens and their toys, yet acting like teens.

You rebel you.

Just some of the features

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Do It Yourself, Dummy

Holy crap! What is wrong with you all?

Do you think that I can do your job for you? Would I know all the details that you need to do your job effeciently?

No? So why the hell do you think you can manage your website? Seriously.... what is wrong with you people?

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Government Control?

google_china_2010-03-24-150pxFor anyone who tries to complain about the US Government wants to control and censor it's people (or any 'free' country and it's people), let's have a look at what real control is.

Google in China: http://www.google.com/prc/report.html#hl=en

The fact that we (free nation people) can hear the complaints of the few loud conspiracy theorist is proof of the freedom they have.

Deleted folder is NOT a storage folder!

I just had to share this. I put this under 'personal blog' just because I wouldn't want it seem like some 'official' tip from any business. So, just take this as a shared personal experience.

I just got off the phone with someone complaining that all of their stored email is gone. It must have happened on the server where someone must have messed with his mailbox. hmmmm

It seems this Idiot (yes, I will freely say, outright, IDIOT) was using the Deleted Folder as storage. Idiot, or Mr. Idiot as those dummies that can relate to this dope might call him, was thinking that everything in Deleted would stay there forever for when he needed it.

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Web Developers just like General Contractors

Yes, we've finally become mainstream. You can call Web Developers / Designers "General Contractors."   Just like Landscapers, Plumbers, Carpenters, Electricians.

It seems we are free to not return calls, and be content with shoddy over-charged work. We can now charge for follow-ups, even if the follow-up was due to a mistake on our part. Wait, not a mistake.... it's called a 'rejected feature' so we can charge to replace the mistake, I mean feature, with the fix, oops, I mean feature that the client originally wanted.

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