I just had to share this. I put this under 'personal blog' just because I wouldn't want it seem like some 'official' tip from any business. So, just take this as a shared personal experience.

I just got off the phone with someone complaining that all of their stored email is gone. It must have happened on the server where someone must have messed with his mailbox. hmmmm

It seems this Idiot (yes, I will freely say, outright, IDIOT) was using the Deleted Folder as storage. Idiot, or Mr. Idiot as those dummies that can relate to this dope might call him, was thinking that everything in Deleted would stay there forever for when he needed it.

He was done reading something in his Inbox, delete. Junkmail, delete. Important bank account info, delete. Very important client info for a mega-business deal? Delete. Need the info, retrieve from the Deleted folder.

People! Dummies, Idiots, listen up! This is like storing your bicycle and lawn tools in the dumpster outside, alongside your rotting leftovers. Do you clip articles from the newspaper, and then store them in the big pile of newspapers? Do you put away your Christmas gifts in the same pile as the wrapping paper?

I don’t know how his deleted folder got emptied. It might have been a network administrator simply doing maintenance, clearing up disk space. Simply taking out the trash. Idiot comes in and sees all his important, “saved”, emails are gone. Gosh, how did that happen? Idiot.

But wait… there’s more! Oh yes.

Upon finding out that all of his toys were put out to the curb, what did he do? Did he tell the person working on his PC on another email issue for him? Did he mention “oh, by the way, I seem to have lost my stored emails (in the deleted folder)”? No. This moron, this feeble minded jerk sulked like a little 5 year old. All day he sulked and whined to others about his missing stuff. Not till the next day did little pin-head mention anything to the IT person. After the backups had been purged.

This multi-challenged so-called adult basically sat and sulked all day about missing his ‘toys’ that he stored along with his trash. At anytime, like maybe when he first realized there was an issue, he could have mentioned something and ‘Daddy/Mommy’ could have gone to the curb to retrieve his precious gifts from the trash. But no. Mutten-head waits till the big Garbage truck pulls away, watching with a tear in his eye as his wonderful ‘worth saving’ stuff gets hauled off. Now it cannot be retrieved, ever. Ever ever ever. He hates computers. He hates you. He hates kittens. He hates the world.

It appears he also hates using a little thought or opening his mouth.

I have absolutely no sympathy here. We are not talking about someone under 12. (no offense to those under 12). We are talking about an adult. With a steady job, responsibility, and I guess a scary thought… a driver’s license.

You put your bed in the trash… sleep in it.

Next time you scrape your plate into the trash, think about how this fool was using the trash to store important documents. And smile, knowing you are just a little bit smarter than this dunce. Just a lil’ bit.