"Microsoft is tracking incompatible Web sites for its upcoming Internet Explorer 8 browser and has posted a list that now contains about 2,400 names — including Microsoft.com.

Apparently, even though Microsoft's IE8 team is doing the 'right' thing by finally making IE more standards-compliant, they are risking 'breaking the Web' because the vast majority of Web sites are still written to work correctly with previous, non-standards-compliant versions of IE."

OK, I'm a geek and I get a great chuckle out of this.

From: http://blogs.zdnet.com/microsoft/?p=2067&tag=nl.e589


The Compatibility View list includes some major sites — Apple.com, CNN.com, eBay, Facebook, Google.com, NYTimes.com — even Microsoft.com (!) — and lots, lots more. Users also have the option of adding IE-8-incompatible sites they visit that didn’t make it onto the list that will be appended to the schema list they download.

(Here is the list of the 2,400 sites that are on Version 1.0 of Microsoft’s Compatibility View list.)


I am NOT anti-Microsoft. It's just nice to see the mighty empire finally realize they can't control or shape the web.