How can the Joomla CMS save sharks? And why?Do Not destroy sharks

OK, so Joomla isn't really saving them, but I just visited a website to sign a petition to save the Sharks of Palau, and I noticed the site was developed with Joomla.

I'm geek, whaddya want from me? A geek who swims with sharks.

Why Save Sharks?

Well, I'm sure most people think sharks, and think Jaws. Oh, such horrible creatures. But, that is just not the case. Besides being a vital part of the eco-system, they are not as dangerous as all these horror stories make them out to be.

Imagine yourself walking through the woods and you come across a field where wildlife is all over the place. And, as you walk closer to, and then into the center of the field, you notice that the wildlife is not running from you. They are not looking to be pet, but they are basically ignoring you going about their business.  You stand there like Snow White in the forest with birds, rabbits, squirrels, and deer all around. You then see a lion, no, a pride of lions, slowly walking into the field.  The smaller animals seem to ignore the lions. The lions seem to ignore the other animals, and you. They just go about their way, maybe leaving, or maybe just hanging around. Afterall, it IS their field.

THAT is what diving with sharks is like. Giant 'fish' swimming right past you, not really concerned or interested in you.

Now consider why they are hunted... for their fins. Imagine those same lions being hunted, but just for their front paws. The paws are cut off for someone's soup, and the lions are left back in the woods with no front paws. Or, if that is not believable, how about Tiger penis? Is it ok to just lop off a tiger's penis and let them back out into the woods to die?  So, why would we want to allow that for Sharks?

What does Joomla have to do with this?

Oh yeah, I forgot. I got on a roll about the sharks.  Joomla. That is what the Shark Savers website is developed with. They have several components added to allow for interactive features like the petition, and leaving comments on the site.

I bring it up only because I recently spoke to some people who said Joomla and other CMS programs are too restrictive. Of course, these were programmers or those influenced by programmers and super geeks. And there are others that complain about 'template' websites, thinking that because Joomla has 'templates' that you are limited to certain layout and design.

I think the Shark Savers website shows that Joomla can help you create a unique, informative and flexible design. And they discuss the site changes here:  What's new in the relaunched Shark Savers web site.

Now, I have to get back to work on a few more Joomla sites.