Smartphones: better to have the features and not use them, than to need them and don't have them.

Sure, you have all those excuses, blah blah. "I don't need any of that", "I won't use any of it", "I just need a phone", "I don't want people to be texting me",  "I don't want to be interrupted all the time by twits and tweets and pokes".  Or maybe you don't want to be like the rest of the masses, as if you are special and unique. Right, just like every teen thinks going against the masses is different and unique.  How ironic... old people not wanting to be like teens and their toys, yet acting like teens.

You rebel you.

Just some of the features

that might be handy but not used everyday:

  • GPS
  • Maps (live, with traffic)
  • email
  • text (useful when meeting people, as a quick text is perfect for "running late, another 10min", or "in the shoe store".
  • photos - to display and show off items, like boat, kids, pets
  • camera - picking up rental car, can document damage on car better than a circle on a piece of paper
  • shopping - quick snap of item for later shopping,
  • shopping pt 2 - take picture of part numbers (like ink cartridge, or model number of chainsaw) to find proper parts
  • weather and news
  • emergency notifications (can subscribe to a hurricane alert system, etc)
  • Compass - newer phones have compass in them, along with level.
  • Flashlight - yes, a simple app just gives a bright white lite (or colored for night vision)
  • And all that a web browser has to offer on that internet thingy.

Maybe none of these things would get used, ever. But that one time you need any of those things, you will suddenly be wondering why you decided to 'do without'.

"I don't want to become dependant on something like that. Once I start using it I'll probably end up using it."  Gosh, you think?  Hmmmm, I don't want to get used to having a car, I might get dependent on it. Really?

If you are in the market for a new or updated phone, don't be a proud, strong, stubborn dummy. Skip the dumb phone dummy, and go smart. iPhone, Android, whatever. But don't use the above excuses not to.  The only reason to not have a smart phone is cost. Be honest with that. If you don't want extra cost, THAT is a valid reason.

Costs - well the phone might be free or very cheap with a contract renewal. So, if having a choice of a free dumb phone or a free smartphone, don't go dumb.  If the smartphone is only a few dollars more at purchase, get it. A one-time purchase cost of $25 for something more than a dialing contraption is worth it. (assuming you don't need that $25 for food).  If there is an added monthly charge, again you have a valid reason to not get smart. But see if you can get some of the features without a data plan. Even without a data plan, having the camera/photos is handy, and if it has a Compass and can be used as a flashlight, you are still smarter.

Don't be dumb, get a smarter phone.