You, yes you. Step away from those tools you are playing with. Now find someone that knows how to use them properly.

You are NOT qualified to work on a website.

No, really. Walk away now before you do more harm. Wow, cool, you found a new tool that creates those super-duper QR Codes, so you now think you can crank out some modern marketing?  Think again, and walk away... fast, before I kick you.

Where's the respect?

Can Web Developers do what you do? No, I cannot do what you do. OK, maybe I can for some things, but most of the time the work that YOU do takes training and experience. And I respect you for that.  So why do you insist on thinking you can do what I do?

Yes, there are tools that make the jobs easier. But it still takes skill, talent, and knowledge to handle websites and online marketing and all this web technology. Yet, you still think you can do it yourself, and show off your incompetence and disrespect often.

What set me off? Well, yesterday I learned of a client wanting to put a QR Code on their website, which led me to mocking them. I know that there are a few legitimate reasons to have a QR Code on a website, usually for pages that people might print out... flyers, coupons, handouts.  But I was pretty sure the client had only one reason... they heard that QR Codes were the new marketing gem.

What's in a Code?

Imagine my surprise, and perhaps a little evil smirck, when I scanned the code they wanted on their website.  What was this all important info using the cutting edge of technology?  Was it an important link to an important document? Was it a vcard file with important contact info? Was it the Dead Sea Scrolls?

Nothing so special. Instead, it was text. A sentence of text. Just like this sentence, but it also had a phone number.  This is now way past mocking, and brings up the subject of people trying to do things themselves that they have no business attempting.

Let's look now as this spectacular example of Do-It-Yourself-To-Show-You-Have-No-Clue.  
Which is easier to read:

Hi, I saved money by following some tip in some free magazine showing me how to use QR Codes for marketing!


Yes, they both say the same thing. And the code takes up more space on a page while making someone use some gadget to pull up simple text.

Please Leave Web Development To The Professionals

We don't pretend to be able to do your job. (ok, some of us are too full of ourselves and we think everyone is an idiot). So, do yourself a favor, and save yourself embarassment and aggravation... have an experience professional handle your Internet needs.

And remember, not all techies know all technical things. Office networks are different from Web networks. Graphic design is different from Web design. Email management is more than remembering your AOL password.  Good techies know their strengths, and know who to contact for areas not in their skillset.

If these web-tech-geek-super-nerds can't do it all by themselves, how can it be that you even can try to dream that YOU can do what they cannot do? 

qr_code_brian_rant_on_dumb_stuffDon't give up your day job.

And please, stop giving me examples of idiocy that prompts me to kill a half hour writing about it.