About This Site

What is this site? Who is this site? Why am I here?

Yes, all valid questions. Put simply, this site is just a storage place for info that I find useful for different purposes.

It could be tips YOU, the reader could use, and find through search engines. Or tips you can share with others that seem to need a little assistance.  A big part of it is tips that *I* can use as reminders of how I might have done something.


This site is compiled (thrown together) by Brian Shea, from Seven Sages - Website Management, Hosting, and Design. You might find I write in the third person sometimes, perhaps using 'we' instead of 'me', but that is usually done as a way of keeping the company as a separate entity. This way, maybe if we/I sell the business, there will be less editing needed.

Seven Sages has been managing websites from the near beginning of the web as we know it - 1996. Back when most people were still on AOL, and Yahoo was just becoming a presence. On the web, things change quickly, and it's important to stay on top of things, and note the latest trends in web design and usage. And also be disciplined enough to NOT be on the cutting edge of things destined for failure.

For over 10 years, we have been maintaining secure stable hosting for hundreds of websites, before and after the infamous Burst of the Internet Bubble of 2000.  Through it all, with different servers, changing technology, updated software and techniques, explosion of spam and server attacks, one thing has remained constant, and always will.  Customer Service. Taking Care of People and their Business.

No matter what business you are in, Customer Service is what will differentiate you from the crowd of others. Hmmmm, I see an article in the making about Customer Service. I'll shut up and continue.


Hopefully, this site will become a resource for people searching for an answer to some tech question that is hard to find an answer for.  I know the Outlook 2007 is Slow article is very popular for a lot of people wondering why and how to fix it. It might not fix everyone's issue, but it's good to have options.

Some of the content might be direct from another site, maybe a forum post or a blog somewhere. Credit is given where known or remembered. If I didn't write it, I don't take credit for it. If you find something here that you wrote and I left off credit, just let me know and it will be corrected. As a web content author you should know first hand how easy it is to get lost in your search for info, copy/paste/copy/paste/ooops/where/did/that/come/from.

I was trying to use Google and Technorati and Delicious and all those stupid bookmarking sites to keep track of these items, but it became a bit confusing to know which is where is what. So, instead, this site will become a sort of vomitorium of tid-bits of info, all in one spot. (and I can still use the BM sites for spreading/sharing).

As you can see here, I am not alone in this thinking. As I was putting my notes together I came across another site that is doing something similar.

From Webscholar.net:

The reason behind setting up a blog is to dump all the things that I learn into it just to make an online repository. I was using Google Docs for saving my guides but thought that I should setup a blog and post all my stuff so that the others can learn from it too. All the stuff that I will be posting here is NOT written by me, it includes my own written guides and findings after doing some googling and searching forums. I always note such things for future references so that when I need them again, I don’t have to search the solution again. Your comments are welcome and you can post questions and I will answer the asked questions obviously if I know the answer ;)

I prefer to not have comments or blogging features like that, since I don't have time to monitor interactive features. And, as you can see on their site, they don't have time to update/monitor either. :)


Now, Here, just Because.


This site is using Joomla, an Open Source CMS. It makes maintaining a growing site much easier than adding/editing individual pages one at a time. 1998 anyone?

We were going to use myBlog, but eventually decided to keep with the standard Joomla setup of Sections/Categories and use Joomla the way it was designed instead of making it something else. Joomla Tags was added for the useful tag cloud and the ability to give the appearance of multi-categories.

There will be a site credits page that might explain the setup, for those who would like to do something similar.


No. Why would you need to register to view this site? That's just silly. The info on this site is from the web, for the web. If I were going to try to create a registration or try to monetize this site, I'd repurpose the info into a book and sell it. Hmmmm, another idea. :)