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  • Useless: Return Receipt, and Auto-Reply

    Two common, yet useless email features are Return Receipt and Auto-Reply.

    They sound great in

  • Joomla Templates

    Joomla is relatively easy to change the look of using Templates.

    There are some

  • Thanks for forwarding

    Here is a response a friend recently wrote concerning one of those wonderful
  • Chat vs Forums

    I've been finding some confusion among people over Chat versus Forum.

    It seems that

  • Email scams - Phishing

    Self Magazine Phishing</p>...		</div>

	<li class=

    Content Editing

    Joomla allows for multiple

  • How Much Spam Does Sender Verify Block?

    Some, frustrated that some of their emails are not coming in due to 'Sender Verify' checks,

  • Windows Security shows unprotected by AVG

    Resident Shield and/or Web Shield is not active


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