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Designing for the Web

A few tips to help make it a little easier to manage your website and make your site more accessible and user-friendly.

Designing for the Web is different from designing for print, or producing of video. And web design is evolving, so what was good 5 years ago may not even work now.

Making Money on the Web

Making Money (affiliates, scams, mlm)

There are get rich quick schemes, and legitimate ways to make money on the web. Some good, some bad, some free, some you need to invest.


Marketing with the Internet

Marketing (seo, sem, sef, viral, mail lists, communities, ppc)

Information and Tips related to marketing your website and products, including (SEO) Search Engine Optimization, PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns with Google and Yahoo, ways to link to your site from others.

SEO. SEM, SEF, viral, blackhat, mailing lists, communities, PPC, PPA.  Oh it's a wonderous alphabet soup of confusion.

Software and Tools

Software & Tools (virus, ftp, design, html, browsers, opensource, open office)

To do a project well, you should use the right tool for the job. Though some people try to do everything using one or two tools, it might be helpful to use specific tools for specific jobs.

Take a look at different tools for web design, and basic computer use, including browsers, anti-virus, ftp, design, opensource, and ecommerce software.


Security (SSL, PCI, firewall, virus, encryption, passwords)

Tips on Online Safety, computer security, virus threats, spyware and that whole mess of stuff that shows that everyone is out to get you. Yes, you.

Web Management

Web Management (servers, business, setup, maintenance, updates)

Managing a website is more than just designing some HTML and uploading it. Yes, for some, that might be all. But even with that, you have to keep your domain name updated and renewed.

Domain Record upkeep, password management, server settings, hosting, setup and continued maintenance, security, and ecommerce, among other business aspects which contradicts the marketing message of "It's so easy, Grandma can do it."

Tech Tips, Fixes, and Random Info

Goggling and Forum Searching to find a fix for a specific issue can go quick, or sometimes take days. And once the solution is found, it is too easy to forget where you got it from, or how to fix it when you need it again.

So, rather than compiling it in Google Notebook, where it might only be useful to me, I thought it would be better to put the solutions on this site. Hopefully, someone will find something useful here.

Email Use, Abuse, and Tips

Email (settings, proper use, issues, spam, blacklists, bcc)

From controlling Spam, to preventing viruses, we'll try to add basic tips on how to utilize your email better.

Some things might be topical, as Spammers change their techniques often, sometimes negating older advice.  Other might just be common settings, proper use, mis-use, blacklists, and bcc use for those stupid forwards.