Not a simple as Copy/Paste

Just copy/paste content into a website. Easy, right?
Should just take 2 minutes, right?

Yes, it can be quick and simple to copy and paste into a web page, whether you are using Joomla, Wordpress, Dreamweaver or FrontPage/Expression. But how will it look?   I noticed this after adding a simple copy of the Readme for RootKit Hunter the other day. A simple copy/paste of plain text took about a half-hour to properly format, which should remind Web Designers to consider that time in their expenses.

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Blog in Joomla

Trying to organize this site is a bit difficult, since there is some much stuff about so much stuff. Things fall into different categories, and it can become a mess.myblog_logo.jpg

Since Blogging is the current rage (once the news media starts using a term, it's officially a 'thing'), and so many people are familiar with Tag Clouds and Blogs, it seems wise to turn this site into a Blog like entity.

But, Joomla is not really setup for blogging, so we need an extension.

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Do NOT Use MS Word for Web Design

Let us take a look at a simple page, and how Microsoft disregards any standards for clean, proper code.

This is not to necessarily bash Microsoft. It is simply to show you the reason so many techies and geeks and designers recommend not using Microsoft for website design.

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Google tells Web Designers to Optimize

Google has posted in a recent blog that they will ‘Score’ fast websites higher. At first, this will affect advertisers who use Google’s AdWords, raising their costs if their website does not download fast enough.

But the inevitable fallout should be that we will see a needed separation from ‘professional’ websites, and those put together with non-web tools like Microsoft Word or Publisher.

Professional Web Designers know to optimize images, monitor total page download size, and not over-burden a web page with graphics. Proper web design reuses images from page to page, so the company logo is downloaded once to a visitor’s browser and then re-used on each page. Even basic web designers should know this, but it seems there are a lot of so-called web design tools that have no idea of proper design.

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