PMS 1807, PMS 123, PMS 350, and black
If I didn't special web tools to help grab colors, a geek like me would search Google to find a conversion chart:

A quick lesson on colors displayed on a computer. Pantone (PMS) is excellent for getting exact printed colors. A Printer knows that when they use PMS codes, the color is always going to look the same.

On a computer however, color depends on the individual user's configuration. So, what you see in print may not be exactly what you get on your screen, and it could be different on someone else's screen. There is no way to control other people's computers for exact colors. On the web, since it's all digital display, we use hex or rgb to give a close representation of what we want.

Again, I'm no graphics dude, so my explanation could be a little off. I'm just a dweeb that sees in #F7CE4A