Start unsubscribing. Please.
Listen up people, some of you have probably heard the advice of  "Don't unsubscribe, because that only verifies your email address."

That's so 1999. How about following advice from 2007. If you don't want to be on a mailing list, unsubscribe.
Afraid that will verify your address? Don't be. You think the spammers care that the address is verified? Don't be silly. They are using dictionary attacks, where they just send to every word and name in the book, like apple@ (, and adam@, adrian@, allison@, info@, etc.

They don't care. It costs them nothing to send out millions of emails, and it doesn't matter if they aren't real addresses.

Plus, most of those true spam junk emails don't have an unsubscribe link, since there isn't a real list.

If you are getting newsletters or Special Offers from stores and websites, you should be able to stop a bunch of the flow. Really. Things have changed, and a lot of newsletters will honor your requests for removal. Why? Because if they don't, it is very likely that their newsletters, and possibly their website and ALL of their business email will be blacklisted. Most businesses want their messages to get out there, to people who are too lazy to unsubscribe. If you are reactive enough ask to be removed, it is likely you are also reactive enough to report them to your ISP, and they risk losing money.

Of course, not all businesses are ethical. They might remove you from the one list, but then still keep your address to sell to someone else. Not much you can do about that. And not something to worry about... your address is out there every time a friend sends a stupid joke to you and 50 of their closest friends.

So, start unsubscribing.

Ask yourself if you need all those emails from,,,,,,

Do you need all those yahoo alerts?

Are you on a discussion mailing list that you don't have time to keep up with?

Start removing yourself from all lists you really don't need to be on. That way you'll have less "semi-legitimate" junk to wade thru, making it easier to delete all the viagra email.

Note: if you find that a supposedly legitimate company doesn't remove you from their list after 2 weeks, try again. And if they still don't remove you, report them to your email provider. Your email provider may decide to report them to the blacklists, and completely block all their email. But, seriously, try unsubscribing first and give them a couple weeks. Some of them are a bit slow (in more ways than one).