This is an example of the importance of Professional Copy Writing.
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  • Using your work email for all your online correspondence?
  • Sending all those cute jokes using your work address?
  • Would you have your Home Shopping Network products shipped to work?
  • Would you want all your holiday cards sent to you at work?
  • Your naughty magazine subscriptions?

So, why are you using your work email for Personal use?
Get yourself your own, personal email address, and separate your work and your private life.

I won’t go into the legal and privacy issues involved with your work email address. I’ll save that for another lengthy, boring article. Bottom line is, that address is owned by the company, and they can monitor and filter anything coming through their network. And, do you want them to know who you’re meeting through Or AdultFriendFinder?

There are options like Yahoo Mail, or Hotmail, or even AOL for you to setup a free email account, and move all your personal messages there. But, why not use your name? (like Or some other personal web address specific to you? (like or

With your own name, you can have as many addresses that you want. Everyone in the family can have an address like bill@, bob@, steve@, minnie@ That one family name can allow everyone in the family to keep their personal email away from work.

Work for yourself? It is still recommended to keep it separate. Why? To organize, and to help keep your business reputation.
Here’s an example. Paul McGinniss runs his own Consulting company, Response-Able Consulting. Paul very wisely chose to keep personal from business. Even though his company is all him currently, and his services are very personal, he wanted the Company to reflect business.

He setup to showcase his business. All business correspondence using his email addresses. His newsletters use the business email address. Pure business. Professional. Purely Professional (I see a good website name there) Cool

But there is so much more to Paul than the business. He is an extremely open guy, with tons of family and friends. No really, tons of family. They could probably have a whole neighborhood named after them. Maybe they would have their own Post Office, with their own personal Mail Man. Sorry, I digress.

Back to Paul. He setup a personal address of With it, he is able to keep friends and family updated with his personal life. He was able to list information about his father’s recent wake on the website which was tremendously helpful for those who needed that info. Though some might think that it would be acceptable to put such personal info on a business website (especially a small personal business), having the separate site is much more professional.

Of course, all his personal emails use his address. Complete separation of work and play, expertly executed. I’m the geek who has suggested this for a while now, and even I hadn’t followed my own advice until this year. I had separate email addresses (several) that helped separate personal and business, but it was all using the same domain name ( I finally got to handle my personal email. Even though my addresses were all, I at least had separate addresses. This was extremely helpful when I switched to the new address, as it allowed me to simply setup a forward for my old ‘personal’ to go to my new address. No work mail got forwarded to the new address.

Think about it next time you are sending a joke, or ordering that fat buster herbal remedy, and you are using your company email. Is this business? Is this professional? Is someone in the company monitoring my online orders? Then, think about getting your own personal address.

Check to see if your name is available. If it is, please register it and start using it. Keep your personal life out of the office, for your own privacy.

This is the original, unedited, poorly written version of my article 'Keep Business and Personal Email Separate'. I sent this to Paul, and he again showed his talent for Professional Copy Writing, taking my piece of rag-tag chatter and making sense of it.

Read the professionally written version here: Keep Your Personal Life Out Of The Office

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