Now is the Time to Get Yourself a TRULY Personal E-mail Address

If you work for a company, you were probably issued a work e-mail address that looks something like this: joe.schmoe @ And if you’re like most people, you’re also probably using your work e-mail address to:

  • manage all of your electronic correspondence
  • send those “cute” jokes and e-mail chains
  • schedule personal appointments
  • conduct other personal business

Now, let me ask you a few pretty obvious questions:

  • Would you have personal products shipped to you at work?
  • Would you want holiday and birthday cards sent to your work address?
  • How about your “private” magazines?

I didn’t think so.

The time has come for you to stop using your work e-mail for personal reasons. Yes, my friend now is the time to take the next big e-step and get a REAL personal e-mail address (and domain). Catch up with the millennium and separate your work and your personal e-mail once and for all.

I won’t go into the legal and privacy issues involved with your work e-mail address; I’ll save that for another boring article. Bottom line is this: your work e-mail address is not your e-mail account; it is owned by the company who issued it to you. They can (and probably do) monitor anything coming through their network to your e-mail address. Do you want them to know about your recent trip to Vegas or who you’re meeting next week through

I didn’t think so.

But how do I get my very own e-mail address?” you ask.

Simple. There are generic options available you can use to setup a free e-mail account (like Yahoo Mail or Hotmail or even AOL). But free doesn’t always mean better and it’s still not personalized. If you want to truly separate your business and personal online communications, why not use your own name (like paul@ or some other e-mail address that is specific to you (like skip@ or danny@

When you register a “domain” using your own name (like or your family name (like, you can create as many e-mail addresses as you want. Everyone in the family can have an address (like susan@, michael@, steven@ ...). Simply registering one family domain name can allow everyone in a family to finally separate their personal e-mails from their work e-mails.

But I own my own company,” you say.

No problem. It’s still important to keep your personal e-mail separate from your company’s e-mail.

Why? To protect your privacy and to maintain your business reputation.

Here’s an example.

The aforementioned Paul McGinniss runs Response-Able Consulting Inc., a business and workplace coaching and communications consultancy. Paul very wisely chose to keep his personal e-mail separate from his business e-mail.

How did he do that?” you ask.

He had me, his webmaster (, register one domain name for his business ( and another domain name for personal use ( He then had me, his webmaster, create a business e-mail address for work related e-mails (paul@ and a personal e-mail address (paul@ for everything else. This allows him to stay focused on business while in the office and deal with personal e-mail when the work day ends.

I’m the geek who has suggested this for a while now and even I hadn’t followed my own advice—until this year. I had separate e-mail addresses but they were all using my work domain ( I finally registered to handle my personal e-mail. Now, work goes to work and personal goes to personal. Complete separation of work and play, expertly executed.

Think about it next time you are sending a joke or ordering that fat buster herbal remedy or e-mailing about personal matters using your company e-mail address.

  • Is this professional?
  • Is this business-related?
  • Do you want someone in the company monitoring your personal life?

I didn’t think so.

How do I register my own personal domain?” you ask.

Go to and check to see if your name is available. If it is, register it. We’ll help you do all of this and even set up your e-mail addresses for a minimal amount.

Keep your personal life out of the office, for your own privacy.

This article is a Professional Rewrite by Paul McGinniss. You can read my original unprofessional version here: Keep Business and Personal Emails Separate (original)

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