While checking my spam report for the other morning, I noticed that there was a sudden wave of celebrity deaths in my email. (using Google Apps Premier I get a daily quarantine report showing mail that was blocked). It was so thoughtful for all of these spammers to let me know that Madonna and Tiger Woods died, while Angelina Jolie was doing a Victoria Secret lingerie shoot, probably with Jessica Alba.

This week, spammers using fake news reports, next week we will probably have more hurricane and flooding reports, and all are fake trying to get you to open the email and follow a link.

Just Ignore News Reports in Emails

Why would you believe anything a stranger sends you in an email? So why would you open the message in the first place, and then go further and click something. Curiousity killed the cat-atonic email reader.

Here is a list of the subjects in my quarantine report, just for ONE day this weekend:

  • David Beckham died
  • Tiger Woods died
  • Nicole Kidman died
  • Ronaldinho died
  • Jay-Z died
  • Madonna died
  • Johnny Depp died
  • J.K. Rowling died
  • Jennifer Lopez died
  • Bon Jovi died

And while all these celebrities were dying, others were in lingerie:

  • Angelina Jolie Victoria Secret lingerie shoot
  • Jessica Alba lingerie shoot

And Scarlett Johansson was being a little tart:

  • Scarlett Johansson and Colin Farrell get it on
  • Scarlett Johansson and Justin Timberlake spotted together

That little hussy could probably use some of the other great herbal products offered to me this day.

Just Delete the spam

There is not much you can do about spam except delete it. It helps if you have a good spam filter at the server level, but even with those you will always continue to get spam. Accept it, and learn to recognize it. And delete it.

And if you really think that Madonna died, why not just go to any news website to verify. I doubt very much that this stranger sending you an email from .ru (russia) has a scoop that the mainstream media hasn't heard of.   Or, if you are gullible, you might want to have Better Orgasm and More Volume?