Here is a response a friend recently wrote concerning one of those wonderful 'forwarded messages' we all seem to get every morning as people check their Office email:
First of all.........Hello.

Second of about using the BCC: option on sending multi-emails out?? I, myself, would appreciate NOT having my e-mail address displayed to EVERYONE in your address book.

Remember those awful viruses, not so long ago, that get into your computer and spread the virus to EVERYONE in you  address book?? Well, they are still around. By having ALL those addresses appear at the beginning of this e-mail, not only is it a pain in the ass to have to scroll down to the "meat" of the e-mail, but ALL of those e-mail addresses now have been added to my address book automatically. So now, if I was to be infected by one of those viruses that take over my address book, EVERYONE listed here and everyone in my family will have the trojan virus sent to them. I would rather this NOT happen.

So let's review.

Say hello first.

Please utilize the BCC: option when sending e-mails to EVERYONE.   NOT the CC:

I have to go now, and remove all of those names from my address book and I ask that you all do the same of mine.

Thank you