MailScanner has detected a possible fraud attempt from "" claiming to be

Whoa! Sounds scary.   Someone is trying to steal my identity?!

No. Not to worry... usually.   The Mail Server scans all emails for possible misrepresentation, where a link says it is for a bank, but it takes you to a different location.

In the above example, the test for the link says  "", but the real link under the text was for ""  In this case, it was likely ok, but it was nice that the server showed me the discrepancy.




Legitimate Referral Links

Most of these suspicious links are simple referral, marketing, or tracking links.  So, if I wanted you to go to, but needed to track the response levels and perhaps get credit for the referral, I might send you to

You'd still get to, but me and Dell would know that it was me who sent you.   This is very legitimate.

However, what if I was evil.

What if I said to go to your checking account at, and slipped an address underneath to a site that looks just like Chase's, but isn't. Maybe the address can be

And I steal your login info, then your money. 

That's what Phishing is all about, sending you to deceptive websites to get your personal info for bad bad things.  Such Evil Doers they are.


The MailScanner warning is simply a notice that the address displayed is not the real link.  Having this info allows you to pause for a second are think twice before clicking.  It's probably ok, but the server is just saying "Be Careful Out There".