While check the spam filters, one email that was stuck caught my eye. It was a legitimate email, but the server thought it was spam. Why?

There seemed to be several factors, with the first one being the 'subject' not having any description.
The subject had: "Fwd: (no subject)"
Another factor appears to be having a logo in the footer/signature. It's a basic logo, and that's great to look at. But...

You have to make sure your email does not look like spam. If, all the message has is "Hey", followed by a footer and a graphic, then it looks like spam. Notice how many spam messages come thru with little or no text, but there is a graphic with the message inside of it. This is a way to get past the filters, so now the filters look for "graphics with no text message" and score them high.

Yes, I know there are some people that refuse to change. "I've been doing this for 10 years and it's fine for my needs" and other excuses. That's fine. Just know the limitations and possible downsides.

Other tips:

  • If using a logo in your footer, make sure you are actually sending a message with text. The footer on an email should never be larger than the actual message. It's a waste, and can possible trigger a spam filter.
  • Never use All Caps, in the message or the subject.
  • Always put something in the Subject field. To the filters, No Subject = Probable Spam.

This explanation might be over blown for the ONE email I found caught in the filters. But, I prefer that people know of potential issues before they become bigger.