Sometimes, your emails might be labeled as "Disarmed."  
The server is set to NOT add the label "Disarmed" to the subject line, but sometimes, security updates change some settings back to default.  If you get an email like this, just let us know so we can check the settings.
Now, about what "Disarmed" means...

Disarmed Email means that the server removed certain items in the email that may have been dangerous, OR may have be in place to track you.
Some emails come with little graphics, actually small hidden graphics, that report back to the sender whether you've read the email or not. These are usually called 'web bugs'.  Others might call it spying.  It's none of their business.
These are usually found in those wonderful marketing emails. Or newsletters.  They are not harmful, but they are rude. Some of these bugs actually go so far as to report back how often you read it, what time, for how long, and even what some of your computer settings are.  But to get that much info, you usually need to run scripts.
Which brings us to the dangerous items.  There should be no reason to have scripts in email. If the sender wants to run scripts, they can do that from their website. So, all scripts are 'Disarmed'.  It doesn't matter if it is from a 'safe' website. They want to run something on your computer without you having any choice. 
So, all scripts are disarmed, and web bugs are disarmed to remove tracking abilities.