Changing Addresses is never easy. Same for email addresses.

The basic steps are the same. Notify everyone, and if you can, setup a temporary forward for those 'a little slow' to update their records.
What needs to be done:
  • Make sure your Outlook/Outlook Express is using your new address. There should be no mention of your old address in the account settings. (this helps remove confusion if you accidentally respond from the old address.
  • Mailing lists. Send out an email to everyone you know telling them of the NEW address. Tell them that the old one, is being shutdown so that you can have your own personal domain. (you do have one, don't you? if not, get one at
  • Shopping sites and Forums. Anywhere you have registered, including PayPal, Ebay, Banking sites, Forums, Amazon and shopping sites.... change your email address to the new one.
    Especially your financial sites, since you want to make sure you have access to those sites when needed.
  • Email 'junk'. Any email newsletters you get, change your address. Sometimes, it's easier to unsubscribe the old address, and then subscribe with the new address. And junk that comes in that you no longer want, unsubscribe.

Give people about a month to make the change. Monitor the old address for the stragglers. Then shut that old one down, so that those that didn't 'get around' to updating their address books now get a bounced mail.