Making Money on the Web

Make Money Keeping People Healthy

Wow, there seems to be a lot of consolidation recently with programs selling health related products. sell-health-programThis seems to be a market that doesn't slow much with the economy, as everyone wants good health.  And you can make money helping people stay healthy.

If you are looking to make some extra cash, you might want to look into joining, where you can earn commissions on every product you refer for sale. No inventory, no sales calls, no money upfront, and free hosting is offered.

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Is Outsourcing good for a Start-up?

There is an interesting, free 31 page report about outsourcing for web entrepreneurs which points out that it might not be the best way to get your business started on the web.

This report is generating some SERIOUS discussion:

It shows you why outsourcing is just a fad and how it really doesn't work that well for most people trying to start an online business.

Skeptical? Let's face it. These days, outsourcing is BIG. People are busier than ever, and outsourcing work to people on is the simplest way to free up your time.

It sounds good, but the question is: does it work?

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