Making Money on the Web

There is an interesting, free 31 page report about outsourcing for web entrepreneurs which points out that it might not be the best way to get your business started on the web.

This report is generating some SERIOUS discussion:

It shows you why outsourcing is just a fad and how it really doesn't work that well for most people trying to start an online business.

Skeptical? Let's face it. These days, outsourcing is BIG. People are busier than ever, and outsourcing work to people on is the simplest way to free up your time.

It sounds good, but the question is: does it work?

The guys that wrote the report say it doesn't, and they back it up with some solid points. If you've been thinking about outsourcing but wondering if it's really as easy as it seems, then this is definitely a report you should read:

The Outsourcing Conspiracy: What Aren't You Being Told?
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So many sites offer 'get rich quick' plans on the internet, and push for outsourcing most of the work, which makes is easy. But at what cost? At what risk? And does it really succeed?

They argue that the traditional choices to getting things done; do it yourself, hiring, and outsourcing leave out one big and overlooked choice... partnering. Find the right partner and share in the success together!  At Seven Sages, a Personal Web Management company, this partnering concept is not new. Web Management requires many aspects of business, just outsourcing to the lowest bidder hurts everyone. Instead, it is good practice to have partners who have a vested interest to see that everyone benefits. More of a Team Concept.

partnering-for-profitsAlong with the report there is a great new opportunity where people can address the hardest part of partnering.... finding the partners. How do you find quality, trusted partners? is a social networking-type site designed to help people with skills and people ideas get together and launch businesses.

If you were thinking of starting an online business, or expanding one to make it more successful, it might be worth your time to read the free report, and check out the Networking site.