Making Money on the Web

qr_codes_on_website-100It's all the rage now... QR Codes.  It seems the latest "Must Do" marketing tool is the QR Code, that funny looking box that you can scan with your smart device to pull up information.

Sliced Bread Move Over!

Put it on your letterhead, your business cards, your newspaper ads (for those that remember that newspapers used to have a lot of advertising).  Have a flyer? Make sure you have a QR code on it so people can get more info at your website!

Hey, this is a web tool, so let's put it on our website too!

Maybe I'm just cynical, but isn't having a QR Code for your website, ON your website, a bit redundant?

"Hello, Operator? Get me the number for 911!"


Yes, for those time that someone actually prints out your web page, that will be handy. I understand. But, I also understand that those people printing out your web page are not the type to know how to use a QR Code.

I hope it works out for you. Oh, and be sure to click this link to come back here.