I started a site to test the viability of a website of articles, with Google Ads on it.

The site was actually pre-made for me. Someone had wrote a bunch of articles and put it together in a simple package to make it easy to manage. The site is about different addictions, at AddictionGuides.com.
The site uses a lot of keywords throughout the articles. Addiction is mentioned in the links, in the text, in the URL. There are metatags for Addiction Recovery, Treatment, Drug Addiction, and basically anything related to addiction.

I haven't even read the articles yet to see if they are any good. The idea is to see how long it might take for the website to generate any income. AddictionGuides.com is already indexed in Google, but it may take a while to get properly indexed. Sometimes up to 6 months.

Why should you care about this? It's just good to know that YOUR site is not going to just suddenly get traffic as soon as you create it. It takes time.

This addiction site is designed specifically for search engine listings. It employs all the accepted techniques (keywords, metatags, descriptions, keyword urls, keyword links, sitemap, content content content). And it doesn't use the 'tricks' like landing pages and link farms. Google and the other search engines will penalize your site if they find you using those tricks.

So, we will see how long this site takes to get traffic, and get properly listed in the search engines. All without doing any special promoting. Then, in 6 months, I might try some kind of promotion to see how things change.

I don't expect much money from the ads. Most people don't become rich from ads on their websites. But, if it helps to defer the costs of your site, that's not bad. And don't forget that properly placed ads are actually helpful to visitors. Afterall, they are looking for info. If someone goes to the AddictionGuides.com site, they get to read information about different forms of addiction (drug, smoking, sexual addiction, and even Internet addiction). And the ads will link to even more resources. Don't think of it as selling out. As long as the ads are targeted to the content, they are helpful, and a welcome addition to your site.