Parking Domains
Have you thought of different names for your website, but are not sure which one to use? Or, maybe you started with one, and then found a simpler one?

Or, you started a new product line, and want to use the name of the product to get to your website. You don't need a NEW or different website. You can simply Park the new domain on top of your current site.

An example might be a large company name needing to be shortened, like They parked on top of it. This allows them to use a shorter address for their emails, yet still retain their true company name as a Web Address.
Other examples:

Some have protected their names by registering the .org, .net, .biz and other addresses. There only needs to be one website, but they have all their domains point to it. (this prevents someone from copying your success by using a copy-cat name)

This site owner wanted something for FDNY firefighters. A site for them to discuss things. So, he registered And, then wanted to make sure no one could use
  • or
This was back in the days of only the 3 major categories. Soon after, as the rest of the world started to catch on to that Information Super Highway, new name categories were created, like .name, .info, .biz

You could go crazy buying up all of them. (try it if you want, at, buy them all!) The important thing is to get the ones you want, and then have them Parked on the ONE active site.

Think you want to add another name? Let us know and we'll get if for you. Or you can see what domain names are available and register your domains directly here.