We’ve been asked many times about how to get more traffic to your websites. There’s no easy or cheap solution.

A few simple things that can be done affordably is to add metatag descriptions and keywords. And have that description be closely related to the actual content on the page. Search engines want content. They love content. If you content is well written, and informative, the search engines may index you better. After all, they want their search results to give the user excellent info.

If you need help writing more “gooder” content for your website, contact us. We have excellent Copy Writers available to us. (I just don’t use them, so my content can be real badly riten.)

For better results,

and more traffic to your site, you might need to bring in professionals that focus on Marketing. Having a website requires a lot of skill, talent and knowledge. It’s difficult to be an expert in every aspect: web design, server maintenance, mail management, security reviews, search engine submission, web statistics, advertising and marketing, ecommerce. Oh, there’s more, but you get the picture. So, it helps to become an expert in the field that works best for you.


For Website Marketing, I found a couple of services that might be of use to some looking to see better results from their websites. They each have different options to choose from, some for lower budgets, others for massive campaigns. Rather than just trying to find one service to affiliate with, I decided to search for choices. What looks good to one, might not appeal to another. So I found two that seem to have slightly different styles, allowing you to find what fits for you.

  • Adaera - Visit
    Take Internet Marketing to the next level with analytic-based, user-focused services from Adaera.
  • Wpromote - Visit
    Wpromote is one of the world’s leading online marketing firms, dedicated to delivering successful and highly targeted search marketing campaigns for clients across a large variety of industries, products and services worldwide.

If using either of them, let them know I sent you so they have an idea of how you learned of them. And, please let me know how it works out. It's important for me to know if my referrals are good or not. If you have used another service that you thought was good, let me know. "All things good are good to know." (I made that quote up on the spot)