Who do you know that would be willing to walk me through how Google Ad words works and also SEO?

A Walk-Thru of Google AdWords, hmmm. AdWords is a bit involved to make it work efficiently.

Google has instructions and tutorials on how to use it, and you can jump in and setup campaigns yourself very quickly. But, if not done right you can just waste money. That’s why it can pay to have an expert handle an AdWords campaign.

Running a successful AdWords campaign takes a lot of research and planning to see what keywords and phrases will work best. It helps to know the latest trends, what’s working last week might not be working next week. You should see what other websites in your field are doing and using.

We have a few links to some Search Engine Marketing experts in our links section. As of this date, we have not used them for any of our sites, so we cannot review their results. However, reviewing how they present their services on their site is important, and revealing.  They give honest explanations of the SEO, SEM, AdWords process, and they don’t promise miracles.

A few things to watch for with some marketers are Big Promises, Low Prices. Submission to 1000’s of search engines? That’s like distributing 1000’s of flyers on the street, most into garbage cans and some onto car windshields to just blow away. It’s not numbers, it’s QUALITY you are looking for. Submit to the major players, and maybe a couple of select niche search engines for your industry.

Guarantees? That’s a tough one. How can someone guarantee you a top listing in the Search Engines? Be careful here. You can simply outbid everyone on a keyword and find yourself paying $10 a click. Or, the guarantee might be for a specific phrase like “Personal Domain Addresses”

Well, look at that. is listed as number 2 on a google search. How about a guarantee that a unique special phrase is going to give you a number one spot. Like “Family Name as a web address”.

Look at that, on a page all by itself, and it didn’t cost a thing.

The point? It’s tough to guarantee a win. The best an honest player can do is guarantee to do their best, with their experience, to get you the results you are looking for.

So, check out these sites and try them out if you want a professional to give your website a boost in the search engines.

If you are not ready to pay for top placement on Google with AdWords, there are some things you can do to your site to help it get better listings. Things like meta-tags, descriptions, page titles, proper keyword density, phrasing, placement of links, incoming links. But, that’s for another time.

Oops, look what “Your Personal Webmasters” brings up.