The PROMO27 deal for Scribe ends on Friday, June 4, at 5:00 pm Central time.  scribe seo copywriting I think that is stupid, and I am upset that it is such a short time period. But, it's their promotion, and it is a BIG Savings of $60/mo. If I read the offer correctly, this saves me over $600/yr.

With PROMO27, you get 300 monthly evaluations (their largest Advanced Plan) for only $27 a month. The Advanced Plan is usually $97 a month, so this is some serious savings. To get it, go to Scribe Plans and Prices, select Advanced Plan, and enter the promo code.

Read on for more details, but I suggest first using this Promo Code now to lock in the savings, and then read more here or there. (I hate short windows of opportunity also).

What’s Scribe?

First, let’s not assume everyone knows what Scribe is or does. Here’s a quick summary.

Scribe is a search engine optimization software service that analyzes the content of web pages, blog posts, online press releases, or any other web content … all at the click of a button.

Next, Scribe reports back and tells you how to tweak your content to get better search engine rankings and more traffic, all while maintaining quality reader-focused copy.

Find out more about Scribe here.

A great deal on Scribe (ending Friday, June 4th)

A few weeks ago, there was a special deal on Scribe if you used the promotional code PROMO27. That promotion is ending this Friday, June 4, 2010.

Here’s the deal:

With PROMO27, you get 300 monthly evaluations (our largest Advanced Plan) for only $27 a month. The Advanced Plan is usually $97 a month, so this is some serious savings.

Here’s how to get that great deal before time runs out:

  1. write better copy for seoHead over to the Scribe site to check out the demo videos, testimonials, and all the ways Scribe makes SEO copywriting simple.
  2. When you’re ready, go to the Plans and Pricing page.
  3. Select the Advanced Plan on the far left and click Sign Up.
  4. Create an account, and click Register.
  5. In the Promo Code field on the next page, enter PROMO27.
  6. Once you’ve completed your purchase, you’ll see you’ve been subscribed to the Advanced Plan for $27 per month instead of the usual $97.

Remember, the code PROMO27 is the key to the deal, so don’t forget to enter it. But it won’t work after 5:00 p.m. Central on Friday, June 4, 2010, so hurry (because we’ll never be offering this deal again).

Get started with Scribe today.

Watch Scribe in action in this video demo

New integrated keyword suggestion tool

The coolest new feature in Scribe is the new alternate keyword suggestion tool. This new tab shows you alternate related keywords relevant to your content, and the search volume for each term.

You’ll now discover other keyword phrases you should be targeting – either for more traffic or less competition – all from inside any version of Scribe. This is just one more way Scribe makes content optimization more efficient and effective.

Scribe 2.0 for WordPress

Just released a new version of Scribe for WordPress. Here’s what’s new:

  1. You already know about the new integrated keyword suggestion tool for researching and evaluating keyword options based on search frequency.
  2. You can now restrict or allow Scribe access for different authors/users.
  3. You can manually select the theme or plugin you wish to use with Scribe.
  4. You can now use Scribe for WordPress with WooThemes, the wpSEO plug-in, and the Platinum SEO plug-in.
  5. We’ve corrected a bug that caused some WordPress pages to not analyze properly.
  6. There’s now an enhanced Scribe widget box that shows you the number of evaluations you have left while editing.
  7. Scribe WP is ready for the impending release of WordPress 3.0.

Scribe for WordPress demo video.

SEO Copywriting ReportScribe for Joomla

Scribe now works with the Joomla CMS thanks to the hard work of Joomla guru Barrie North of Joomla Shack and Harry Hopkins from Reliable Studios. Just as with Scribe WordPress, you can now optimize content for Joomla without ever leaving your Joomla control panel.

Scribe for Joomla video demo.

Scribe for Drupal

Scribe now works with the Drupal CMS thanks to the hard work of Drupal master Tom McCracken of Level Ten Design. Same story here … as with Scribe for WordPress and Joomla, the Scribe technology is fully integrated into the Drupal control panel.

Scribe for Drupal video demo.

All versions of Scribe included

A lot of you publish on multiple platforms, or have clients who do. So when you subscribe to Scribe, you get Scribe Web and Scribe for WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal, all inclusive. This will likely not always be the case, so yet another reason to get on board with Scribe today.