If you are looking to increase sales for your products or services, it's a good idea to 'comment' on recent news items. Was there a security breach on a website? Write about, and explain what steps you take to prevent something like that. A news item on Cloud Computing? Explain how you see the benefits (or negatives).

Here is a nice example of using a news item for marketing: While We Wait For The Female Viagra-like Pill
Posted in 'response to an AP report the other day -  FDA: 'Female Viagra' falls short.

Take Advantage Of News Reports For Your Marketing

In the above example, the Associated Press reports about the FDA possibly approving a drug for Female Libido Enhancement, and discusses that many of these 'Better Sex for Women' drugs seem to fail in trials. The trials are looking for a medical solution for the problem of decreased sexual desire in women.

The clinical trials probably need to focus on the physical body changes, and how sexual desire changes with hormanal changes. It needs to be a medical condition, not a pleasure drug. After all, Viagra™ is a solution for medical impotence, not a sexual enhancer.  Society seems to frown on feel-good medication.

Natural Alternatives for Sexual Enhancement

While the studies above do not seem to change the medical condition of the libido, the studies ARE showing increases in pleasure and sexual satisfaction. And a good marketer is able to take that news and spin it for a positive effect on their own products. The article "While We Wait For The Female Viagra-like Pill" points out that there are natural alternatives for sexual enhancement, and there is no need to wait for the magic pink pill.

On that page, they point to many of the different products available now for increasing sexual pleasure, with hope that that interest in the news article will naturally find searchers for more info coming to their website.

It's all about tapping the resources available on a daily basis. It takes time and effort, but it can be profitable. And using a good affiliate marketing site with the right products is the easiest way to do it. Personal Health is a great product to offer, and you can feel good Making Money for Keeping People Healthy.