Getting in the Internet Search Engines has always been a topic of changing facts. Google and Yahoo (and the rest) seem to change their rules (special secret algorithms) monthly. What worked last month might not be the best option this week. It can be an endless job keeping on top of all of it.

But, there is a way to bypass all that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Shuffle. SEO Shuffle, a term I just made up and think will write more about later, is the endless tweaking and altering of your site for keyword saturation, metatags, reciprocal linking, and landing pages. Bypass that.


Pay Per Click

Bypass it with Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns. You've probably heard a little bit about it, as the term slowly reaches mainstream vocabulary. In a nutshell, you get placement on the top of the search engine listings on most of the top sites. And you only pay if a potential customer clicks on your link. If they don't click, you don't pay. But you got to the top of the list!

If you factor in time and cost to maintain an effective keyword/metatag optimization campaign, you'll probably find that it is cheaper to just pay for the placement upfront. Though it's not new (PPC has been around for years), it is getting more attention because of it's effectiveness. You can sign up with Google and manage your own campaign, and see how many clicks you get. But, what about phone calls?

Since advertising is an investment in your business, you should expect a return (“ROI”). City Clicks tracks all aspects of your advertising campaign and reports the results to you on a regular basis. You can even monitor your actual phone calls and see who is responding to your ads. You’ll know exactly what your ROI is!

  • Geo-scoping and targeting your specific market minimizes waste.
  • Prominent placement on the major search engines drives results.
  • Tracking and activity reports provide peace-of-mind.

My friend Pete is the man to contact for an incredible program that gets you listed on the big engines (Yahoo, Google, MSN, AOL, Ask, Lycos) and many content sites like, and more. Best of all, they can track your Phone Call Leads!

I just saw his presentation on it. And I was impressed. I've known Pete for close to 15 years, and he's not a techie computer geek. No, far from it. He would just call on me to setup his computer and technical stuff. He's retired FDNY firefighter, and never worried about the tech stuff. The important thing is he knows where to go to get it done.

So, what impressed me was how the presentation sells itself, and how a non-technical person like Pete can not just understand it, but explain it in detail. This company he works for put together a great package. I'm usually a skeptic when it comes to excessive marketing, but this impressed me.

Localized Targeting

The program, called City Clicks, can target your results to a specific Geographical location. Just want to market to your local area? This can be done. The campaign can be set to make sure your link only shows on computers accessing the internet from the targeted area.

Tracking Phone Leads

Unique is the tracking of phone leads. An ingenious setup allows you to not just know how many phone leads you received through the campaign, but also records the call for you to analyze your own company's response. See whether your sales team is getting the calls but losing sales.

Custom Managed PPC Campaign

I could go on and keep boring you. But, I'll leave that for another article. For now, contact Pete to find out more about trying out the City Clicks program, and see if it's right for you.

[Contact Page for Pete Gleason email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]