Every year, just about this time, we hear from clients asking "how can I get more hits on my website?" And every year, we check to see what the latest techniques are (since they tend to change frequently).

Seven Sages can give the basic tips and advice. The same advice that's available on many websites, with good and bad info. But we prefer to recommend using professional services for professional results. Last year, we did a little research trying to find good, honest marketing companies to partner with. One company we found is Adaera Search Engine Marketing Service.

Honest Marketing, No Empty Promises

An important part of any type of referral/partnership is to believe in the service and the company. Referrals should not be about sales. It should be about helping others find the best sources for their particular needs. So, even though we could probably make more money referring to companies that promise Amazon-Like success, it would eventually harm the trust we have built with our clients.

Instead, we refer to companies that give honest answers, and honest results, for honest pay. With Adaera, you will see their open, honest approach to Web Marketing. No false promises of being in the Top Ten listings. No questionable tactics, like Link-farms and auto-submissions, or spam which can give great results initially until you find yourself blocked from Google and Yahoo. (the search engines don't like 'tactics' and penalize for it).

Adaera's search engine marketing service will dramatically increase qualified traffic and conversions across the top search engines while lowering your average cost per click.

They will give you increased traffic to your website using methods approved and recommended by the search engines themselves.

More Traffic - More Conversions - More Insight

Over 90% of their clients return for additional services. If you're looking for an agency that puts its clients first, that is committed to providing ethical and quality services and that will guide you to the right way of internet marketing, consider Adaera, you won't be disappointed.