I've been suggesting, recommending, advising, and pestering people over the years to get a 'real' email address. "Own your email address." "Don't use the one the ISP gives you, like aol.com, earthlink.com, suscom.com, att, etc." Some of you have had the benefits of a personal address for some time now. Some are just starting to use their new addresses after I set them up for it. But, dopey me has somewhat ignored the advice.

My personal address has been tied to 'work'. Even though I own SevenSages.com, it's not a 'personal' address. If I sell the business, or retire, I'd have to change my address then.

After working on a new website explaining the benefits of a Personal Web Address ( www.GetMyFamilyName.com ), and telling someone recently to NOT use their work address for personal purposes (due to legal and privacy concerns, and job 'portability'), I realized I should have my own also. I should follow the lead of SeanOShea.net, SharonShea.com, PaulMcGinniss.com, BurnsWeb.com, KrisScott.com, PeterGleason.com.
Those trailblazers were using their names before me! (and I'm the one that set it up for them.) Finally, I grabbed my own name for the web: BrianTShea.com. I wanted BrianShea.com, but that was taken a long time ago. I was lucky I was able to get my name, as it's only a matter of time before another Brian Shea thinks about using his name for his own Personal Web Address. (sorry Brian, this Brian's got it)
I've tried to slap some information together on the site: www.GetMyFamilyName.com. Just to give an idea of the benefits of having your own address, clearly identifying YOU by name.
Or, you can go directly to www.7SagesDomains.com and grab your name now. Before your other self does.