Resident Shield and/or Web Shield is not active

Virus and malware spyware protection from AVGIt seems a recent update for either Vista or AVG altered something with AVG being recognized by Windows Security Center. There is a mention of it on AVG website:

For those too lazy to follow the link for the FAQ, here is a copy of the info:

After installation or update of AVG, the Resident Shield and/or Web Shield may, under specific circumstances, report to be inactive or not fully functional. This situation is usually caused by incorrect access rights to AVG program folder. To resolve the issue, please proceed as follows:

  1. Download the Reset Access utility from our website. It is recommended to save the file to your Desktop:
    Reset Access [for safety and security, this link goes to the AVG FAQ page so you can be sure to download it directly from AVG]
  2. Once the file is downloaded, please run it. Detailed information on how to use the utility will be displayed on your screen once you run the file.
  3. After using the utility according to the instructions restart your computer.

whoops. It seems this solution did not work. Other reports I find from googling shows that it is likely just Windows not reporting it correctly.  I suspect it is related to the last Windows Defender update yesterday. Hoping it will fix itself automatically.

Note that this is just a reporting error. AVG shows it is on and protecting things. Windows is just not recognizing it. I could have windows ignore the status, but I prefer to be notified when things are 'correct'.