I recently received an email from my "Mail Administrator" asking for my login info. Now, sometimes I do email myself notes as reminders or tasks. But I don't know why I would ask for my own login info. :)

Besides, Server or Mail Admin would never ask for login information. A real administrator can simply reset the password if they wanted (they can't view the password).  We see notices like "We will never ask for your login info via email" and "Do not share your login info with anyone", but how many simply ignore that like it's one of those popup windows to just click OK to?

Here is the latest example of a Phishing scam email:

From: Mail Administrator

Dear (Account Users),

This message is from E-mail messaging center to all our email account
users. We are currently conducting a maintenance exercise which is for
upgrading our database and e-mail account center. This exercise involves
the deactivation of dormant /unused/ invalid email accounts to make room
for further upgrading.

To confirm the validity of your email and to prevent your account from
deactivation, you are advised to update it by proving us with the
following information manually.


YOUR NAME:........................

YOUR EMAIL:.......................


VERIFY PASSWORD...................



Account owners are expected to update their accounts within 2 days after
receipt of this notice. Failure to comply with this notice within the
stipulated time will face the risk of loosing his or her account.

Copyright  2011 . All rights reserved.

I like the Copyright notice. I hope I don't get in trouble for posting this copyrighted scam.

If you receive an email that looks similar to this, or basically ANY email that asks for login info, always delete.