heartbleed openssl heartbeat flawYes, once again the media has latched onto a security flaw and scaring everyone with reports on the possibility of evil people getting your precious login info. They will move onto another story tomorrow, so don’t worry.

Don’t worry, but DO change your passwords.

The warnings are valid. You do need to change your passwords, but you should be used to this by now.  You did change your passwords a few months ago, right? After all those reported breaches? No? Probably because it’s a real pain to keep track of things, isn’t?

Manage your passwords properly and securely.

password toolsThe only way to efficiently manage the changing of passwords on all of your sites is to use a Password Manager. There are plenty out there, like LastPass, Roboform, KeePass, 1Password,  DashLane, and others as part of Internet Security packages.  Even your browsers can manage your passwords (though not recommended… topic for another time).

Get one, and use it.

One that I like is LastPass. And that’s not just because I have a referral link to it. (I might get a free month of the pro version if you join using my link… whoopee, like I can’t spare $1/mo for it.) I’ve used several different tools to manage passwords over the years, and shift to some for different reasons. I used (and still recommend) Roboform, and I may use other tools for different reasons.

lastpass password manager

The point is not which tool to use, but to use a tool to help you properly manage your password changes.   Use this latest media scare to get started on better managing your logins. You know you need to do it anyway and you keep putting it off.

Do it today.