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Where's your backup?

Seriously, if your computer was to crash now, in the next 5 minutes, where is your backup? Can you get to it quickly? Is it up-to-date? Today, this week, month? Year?

I know, I know, you've been meaning to get to that. On the to-do list.

tick tick tick, click click click - there goes your drive!
data deposit box online backup


I hope it's not too late. Think of how many times you've heard friends and family go through the nightmare of losing photos, documents, work files, mailings lists, email.  Oops. That's right, they were 'meaning to get to it also'.


It needs to be Simple, but it needs to be Smart

I know, I'm not an idiot. Not everyone is a super-geek like me, and it all seems too complicated to non-computer people. Trust me, I understand, as I even find the typical solutions difficult and inconvenient. I mean, who can remember to plug in that external hard drive and press the button. Who has the time? I've lost a lot a music and photos because I had not found the time to backup for 7 months. And I've also had backup drives die on me. It is not easy.

What we need in a backup solution:

  • Instant, secure backup without lifting a finger.
  • File recovery-from anywhere-in seconds.
  • No-nonsense, affordable pricing.

How about something where you install once, on as many computers you want, and forget about it until you need it?  And only pay for the space you are using?

Affordable - only pay for the space you use - $2/GB per month.

ddb_powered_bySeven Sages (host of this tip website) partnered up with Data Deposit Box to offer just the right solution. I have been using it personally for a year now, making sure it was good enough to offer to others.

I don't like to recommend products that I don't believe in. Sure, the term 'partner' indicates that there is some financial relationship between the companies, but really, the partnership is basically the same as if I were to recommend something at Amazon. (go to my Amazon shop) :).   Simple, Secure Online Backup SolutionLook how when you click on this link: DDB, it should bring you to the Data Deposit Box website showing the Seven Sages logo on the bottom of the page. Cool huh?

Yes, Seven Sages actually has it's own backup solution, but it is designed more for businesses with many PCs, and is based more on an annual contract and certain minimums, versus Data Deposit Box gives you a free trial, and you can leave anytime you want.

Here is an overview taken directly from the Data Deposit Box website explaining this great backup solution.

Data Deposit Box changed names

Edit: Feb 2012 - I don't know when DDB stopped being DDB, but they are now something else. Since I originally wrote this article, I've switched myself to SOS Online Backup. I've changed most of the links here to go to SOS.  Another good choice for small backups is SugarSync.

Sorry for the confusion. The internet/software industry changes often and it's tough to keep up.

How Our Online Back-Up Works

When you're online, we're backing up your data. Our patented Continuous BackupTM makes an instant backup of any file the moment it spots that you've changed it. There are no backup schedules to set, and no procedures to follow. You simply set it and forget it.

Perfect For Small Businesses and Personal Use

Perhaps you run a small business and have vital data you can't afford to lose. Or you're just someone who has so much of your life-photos, music, personal information-saved on your computer. Either way, Data Deposit Box is the simple and smart way to protect what's important to you.

What Sets Data Deposit Box Apart?

First of all, our Continuous Backup is patented-which means it's the simple solution no one else can offer. On top of that, we offer a wealth of smart features that make your life easier and your data more secure.

Finally, there is our simple, straightforward pricing plan that helps avoid unpleasant billing surprises for you: $2/GB

More from their site (they explain it so much better than I could):

So Easy Anyone Can Do It
There are no special skills required. Simply click the Free Trial button and fill out the form to begin. You download the software-it only takes a few minutes-and choose all the folders you want us to protect. Then relax and watch as your files are backed up automatically.

A Big Bonus for Small Business
Many backup services look like a good deal for your small business-until you spot the license fee for each additional computer. We don't have that. Our $2/GB price plan applies to your business and all its computers.

Free Trial of simple backup service
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