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Have you ever thought about adding a Wiki to your website? But maybe you found the installation and setup a bit difficult?

editme_simple wiki hostingOr maybe you thought you might try building your whole website using Wiki tools, but again, that setup part gets in the way.  I found a site that seems to make it much easier for you.

EditMe is The Easy Wiki Host

Zero setup required, with user access controls and easy rich text editing. Create your site using easy wiki tools. Simple, secure & affordable.

What the heck is a wiki?

A wiki is a collection of web pages designed to enable anyone who accesses it to contribute or modify content.

EditMe Features

editme-Easy Wiki setupEditMe has plenty of features to make things easy. "Flexible access controls support a broad range of uses, including corporate intranets, public web sites, blogs, wikis, and community sites. Editing is easy enough for novice users, making EditMe an inclusive solution for groups with varied capabilities or non-technical users."

Check out all of the Features of EditMe for easy editing of your Wiki.

Group Collaboration Sites

classroom wikisWiki is usually a tool to help groups collaborate to create and edit a website. Wikipedia is a perfect example of collaborative work, creating an online, living encyclopedia. (of course, on your own wiki, you can make sure the content is correct)

EditMe make it easy to get your Wiki working, and they say it can be used for much more than collaboration, like maybe using it for your personal site.  (What You Can Do with EditMe Wiki Hosting)

Some have used it as an education tool to create an online classroom for students to work together. Read more about the Paperless Classroom.