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I have a link to free virus protection at my website.
It's AVG Antivirus.

When you get to their site, they hide the link for the free version. The paid version is still half the price of Norton, but you can get by with the free version.

  • Go to their Products menu (on the left). After you click on it, it opens a product list.
  • Find AVG FREE Edition in the list. Click.
  • Scroll down. There will be a Download section with a link to the AVG Free Advisor. Click.

Now you're on the free site. Download. Save to the Desktop, or somewhere you will remember where the file goes.

Before installing, remove Norton. It will take a while, as it is a big hog.2008-May edit: Note that this opinion is from 2006. Things change, so try to base decisions on recent reviews.

It will then require you to restart. Pain in the ass.
  • Restart. But wait....
    Go to Add/Remove Programs again and see if there is anything else that Fat Hog Norton left.
  • Look for anything from Symantec.
  • Also Symantec Live Update.
  • Get rid of it all. Already, you are feeling the computer going faster, aren't you?
    Each time you unstall one of those items, you might have to restart. Fun?

OK, you've now gotten rid of it. (at least the visible parts, as there are still some items you'll never find and get rid of but there is no concern. They are just like leftover toe-nail clippings.)

Now, install AVG Antivirus

You do remember where you downloaded, don't you?

  1. Once it's installed, you're good.
  2. Protected, yet so much faster.
  3. Now spread the word.

Don't you dare risk going on the internet browsing while inbetween the removal of Norton and the installation of AVG. That's like sitting bare ass in a construction site porta-potty, with scrapes and cuts on your hands and bare bottom. (we won't ask how you got that way). Sure, you're probably not gonna catch anything, probably. Maybe. Hmmm, maybe you should hold it in till you find more sanitary facilities? uh huh.

Well, your browsing and email can wait also. Stay protected.