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roboform makes it easy How many logins do you have for websites? MySpace, Yahoo, Google, AOL, webmail, Amazon, Ebay, PayPal.  And those are just the major sites. Then there are the individual Forums you visit, some frequently, some only once in a while.

How can you keep track of all of those logins? It's very very simple if you are using RoboForm.  Remember logins and passwords, and automatically fill in forms on websites.

Secure Passwords

It's important to use secure passwords when you use any site. And you should use a different password at every site, especially if you use the same username/login on those sites.  Let's face it, you're lazy.  You know you are. You use the same username for most of those sites:  maryjo82   with the password:  fluffy (your cat name)

That makes it simple, doesn't it. Only having to remember 'maryjo82' and your cat's name, for every site is great. For you, and for anyone who knows your cat's name.  If someone knows your login for one site, they can try the other sites you are on and login there AS YOU.   You don't use that same login for ebay, do you?  You might find yourself bidding on a kidney from Bimini.   You don't use the same password for PayPal, do you?   Your email address, with your cat's name for the password?  Well, you weren't that fond of the money in your bank account anyway.

I don't mean to scare you. But, let's face it. If it's easy for you, it will be easy for that sneaky little evil-doer.  The solution is simple: better password = more secure.   What's a better password?  Something like: thtb32#&wH

What?!?  How are you going to remember something like that? And, you need to have a different one for every site!

  • Site A - username: maryjo82    password: U2dZrhDT
  • Site B - username: maryjo82    password: 1tbXSKcG
  • Site C - username: maryjo82    password: 0foz0FCZ
  • Site D - username: maryjo    password: 9A9QsJK9

It's Simple - have RoboForm do it for you.

Web form filler and password manager RoboForm can help you generate those strange but secure passwords for you. And then remember ALL of them.

You can feel comfortable going to hundreds of sites, and not worry about remembering how to login in.  Roboform remembers your username and password for you.  Just go to the website, and click the roboform button. You're in!

And it can remember the info for different users. So, if you have a few people using the same computer, they can all have their own profile, with their own logins saved and remembered.  Protect your info from the other users with a password for your Roboform profile.

Double Password Protection

Use the Master Password protection of Roboform, and you can password protect ALL of your login information.  You have to enter your Master Password before Roboform will open access to the information.  Perfect for the not getting all those precious, saved logins and passwords into the hands of someone who has access to your computer.

So, you only have to remember one password. The master password.  It still shouldn't be your cat's name, but that's up to you. The important thing is, you'll be using a different secure password on every website out there.

Fill Forms Automatically

Password managing isn't the only thing RoboForm does for you. It's also a Form Filler.  You give RoboForm your info, like your address, phone, Credit Card number, and it will fill out your forms when you are checking out online. Click, form filled. Check Out.

All of the information RoboForm remembers is actually stored on your computer (password protected by the master password).  No one has this info. It's not magically stored on the Internet by any company. It's in a simple, password protected text file on your computer. Safe.

Never fill out another form online. Never worry about remember another password. It's all done for you.   Try the free version. It is fully functional, except it's limited to 10 Passcards (saved logins).  If you only have a few sites you visit, then you will be fine. But, you may feel tempted to buy it anyway, once you see how much better your life is with one (or a hundred) less things to remember.

Download it now. And if it works well for you, please let me know. I'm always happy to hear when one of my tips works out for someone.