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iGoogle Replacements and Alternatives


Other sites to use your newly converted igoogle settings to opml format file:

Feedly -

inoreader -

Pulse -


An interesting one I found today is igoogleportal
But, it seems kind of, uh, unfinished?


Here are some of the quick simple ones.

Way back in 2012, Google gave all users of their iGoogle homepage notice that the service would be discontinued in Nove 2013. And here it is, Oct 2013, with only a couple weeks left to figure out what this means.

If you don’t use iGoogle, that’s ok. It was jjust something that put all your things of interest on one page. Many others have similar pages, like Yahoo’s, and perhaps whatever Microsoft is calling their web services this year… MSN?, Live?, MShome?, Bing?, or is it now going to be

The main thing was that it was a way to have everything at your fingertips when you open up your browser, and it was popular. But Google tends to see things before many others, and while we may not agree with them, their view is that most of us are using our mobile devices for this ‘info where we want it’. And, if you look at your phone or tablet, do you not get your news, email, social updates, stock updates, weather, and anything else you can find an ‘app’ for?  If you don’t, then you might want to adjust your view of what that ‘phone’ is… it’s not a phone, it’s a communication device.


Save my iGoogle info

Enough of the background, Brian, just fix it.

Whether we have a solution we are happy with now, or not, we can at least backup our settings from iGoogle.

Backup iGoogle Settings

This is VERY easy. So easy you will think you did something wrong.

Backup iGoogle Settings

Google is shutting down?iGoogle Nov1 shutdown

What do I lose with iGoogle? 
How do I backup my iGoogle? 
What is a good igoogle replacement?

First... No, Google is not closing.

Read carefully… notice the ‘i’ in front of google. It is JUST their igoogle service that they are shutting. All email, docs, photos, videos, youtube, blogger, contacts, apps… all that is still safe and sound.  And… we have had more than a year to prepare, with multiple reminders.

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Smartphones and Battery Life

Extra cell phone battery and chargerSo many complaints, so many searches for solutions to the poor battery life of modern phones... we must remember the best solution is usually the simplest solution.  Extra Battery and Charger. Or an extended battery for the iphone.

These smartphones are mini computers, and we don't expect our laptops to last all day on battery, do we? It's a marvel of technology that they last as long as they do for their size.

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Phone Service for the Small Office

gvoice_175x175Recently I have been having people ask me about Office Communication Systems.  OK, that's a big bunch of words. How about... Brian, what are you using for your phone system?  This usually comes up when someone notices that I get my voicemail as email, transcribed.

There are probably several services available.  For me, to get my voicemail transcribed, I use Google Voicemail. I actually have one for personal, and for the business.

But, what about a bigger office, or an 800 number, or web faxing?

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Online Backup

sos_online_backup_logoFor the past few years I have been trying out different online backup services. Eventually I might get around to writing a review of all of them, but for now I'll just share my current favorite: SOS Online Backup.

What makes it my favorite? For now, I'll just say it is affordable, secure, and most important... very easy to setup for automated backups of your computers.

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SOPA:"Shut down first, then don't ask questions"

I am not going to say anything better than what the major sites like Google or Wikipedia are going to say, so here are the links to their pages explaining it.strike-paper-new

Remember that in the USA, we are supposed to be the land of the Free, respecting an individual's rights, which are not to be taken away without Due Process. The protest is not about allowing piracy; it is about ensuring that everyone is given Due Process in determining wrongdoing.

More info at

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Droid versus iPhone

I found this little nugget about the Android and iOS and the predictions that Android will surpass all smartphone operating systems.

Protestant vs. Catholic, Droid vs iPhone

Droid versus iPhone - it's a lot like the drama that played out during the reformation - if Pope Jobs could burn all Android heretics at the stake, I suspect that he would.

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Tips For Making Facebook Better

I'm not suggesting that Facebook do anything to make the service better. Instead, I am suggesting ways to make it better for the users with a few simple tools.

It seems the biggest complaint among users, old and new, is all the crap we have to wade through.

  • So and So did something on MafiaWars/Farmville/stupid game.
  • Somebody is a fan of something stupid.
  • Somebody poked somebody.
  • whatstheirname beat dummy in cards
  • Look what someone said about you

It can be overwhelming, especially for the new users who are trying to

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