Tech Tips

Wow. Many lost hours on switching to Microsoft Outlook 2007. Brand new Dell Notebook, with Vista. New install of Microsoft Office 2007. Everything seemed great, but Outlook was a bit sluggish. I thought it had something to do with indexing. I tried everything I could think of, turning off features like Aero, Indexing, Screen Thumbnails, reducing resolution. I researched hours at a time looking for a solution. It seemed a lot of people are having this issue.

There are recommendations about using small PST files (less than 2gb). Split and archive your data into multiple PST files. Turn off RSS syncing. Did it, tried it. Nothing worked. Hours wasted researching, but I wasn't able to get work done anyway in Outlook.

Delays of 5-10 seconds were the norm, with each click. Click, wait, try clicking again, ah yes, there's the cursor. Type, wait, type, wait, and finally the text shows up in a message. It brought back memories of using an old 386 with 1mb ram. It brought tears.I had started to use Notepad to type out my messages, and they copy/paste into an email. Yes, it was that bad. It would have been quicker to write a letter and mail it.

This morning, running into the speed wall again, just trying to sort my messages into the proper folders, I gave in to researching some more. Google 'Outlook 2007 slow' and you'll see many reports of slowness, with some solutions, but mostly complaints and Microsoft bashing. I had searched the Microsoft forums, and the Dell forums, and there were no posted solutions that seemed to work for me. Then I stumpled on a solution. Finally.

Uninstall the OutlookAddin Setup from Cyberlink, it's a part of MediaDirect

That did it. I had wondered why my other new Dell Inspiron wasn't having the same issue. Turns out I had removed the CyberLink program from the other PC, trying to clean out the crap that usually comes stuffed in a new computer. This Notebook though, an Inspiron E1705, I thought I'd leave it in to test what CyberLink does. I found out it works great.... At slowing down Outlook!

If Outlook 2007 is dragging on you, using 50% of processor cycles, see if you have CyberLink installed. Remove it using Remove Programs. Or, if you want to keep the software, you can simply remove it from your Outlook Addins.

In Outlook 2007, go to Tools... Trust Center... Add-Ins... On the bottom, just click Go. Now you'll have a screen to disable any add-ins. Just remove the check from the box for OutlookAddin and save. Outlook should be running as it should now.

I estimate I lost 30-40 hours over the last couple weeks due to this mess. Shame on Dell for installing this without full testing. When I checked off "Do not install extra software" on my order, I guess they didn't think I meant it?

All seems good now, running properly. Hopefully this fix will work for you.