Tech Tips

Like many small companies, we use Quickbooks to handle the business accounting. I had a recent issue with my QuickBooks file. Long story of a corrupted file a couple years ago, then started using the Archive backup file. I won't bore with all the details of how it got corrupted.

I finally got tired of seeing the error message of ‘can’t archive’ and ‘verification failed’, even though other Verification tests and Rebuilds passed. After a few days of research, and then a couple hours on the phone with Intuit tech support, I got nowhere. I did not like wasting hours with this issue, and was about to just live with it for another year.

Then I realized, 5 years from now, I’m going to have no way to archive the older data. So, it’s not much of an issue now, but by 2010, I’ll have some huge file of data going back 5 years that I simply don’t need. I decided to get it fixed properly.

I found a few sites that offer repair of QuickBooks files. Intuit’s support was not really good for advanced issues. They seem to just be useful for those people who don’t read instructions or research forums for solutions. I assume this since tech support just seemed to read the same info I had read in all the FAQs.

I went to and ordered their Quickbooks File Repair service. It’s not cheap at $400 for a 2-day turn-around. They have a 12 hour turn-around option for $600, when you need it right away. But, looking at the time I had already wasted trying to fix it myself, and knowing it would take even more time later trying to fix it, the price was worth it.

Within the hour, they had responded, asked the relevant questions, and gave me a place to easily upload my file. Couple days later, it was done, as promised. They followed up the next day with an important update. They had found a previously unknown bug in someone else’s file, and checked in with me to see if I possibly had it. It was a small bug related to the new versions of Quickbooks and Vista that would not have likely effected me, but it was good that they followed up to be on the safe side. They found it, and fixed it within the hour.

I figured I would share this, just in case someone else runs into a Quickbooks issue. If it’s something you can’t seem to fix yourself quickly, it might be worth it to have professionals do it properly, and quickly.

Now, back to business.