Tech Tips

If your website gets a lot of visits, you might want to think about adding a little income to your pocket. For most people, we are not talking about a lot of money. But, it might be enough to offset any website costs.

Some people are against ads on a site, just on principle. But they tend to forget that some visitors might actually find the links in some ads useful.

Let's say your page has a lot of info about Pool Tables. They are interested in your descriptions of how to knock around a few balls.  Google will match the ads to the content on your page so the visitor will have an opportunity to buy Pool Table supplies right away.

As long as you keep the ads unobtrusive, they can actually give the visitor a better experience. And if they find the perfect pool cue by clicking on an ad on your site, it's like them tossing you a dime, saying "thanks pal".