Tech Tips

eCommerceConnector for QuickBooks® quickbooks sync with virtuemart or xcart

  • Synchronize online orders with QuickBooks®
  • Create missing products
  • Generate shipping labels
  • Process payments
  • Integrate with QuickBooks Merchant Service

Sync your VirtueMart or X-Cart online store with QuickbooksIf you have an online store, you’re probably spending a number of hours in manually re-entering all your online orders into QuickBooks®. Once the order is in QuickBooks®, the task is only half complete. You now manually update your inventory, re-key information (or copy and paste) to create the shipping label and process the payment. This entire process can take hours if you have several orders a day.

eCommerceConnector for QuickBooks® is developed to cut down your order processing time from hours to minutes. eCC seamlessly connects your Online Store with QuickBooks®.
eCommerceConnector is compatible with all the popular shopping carts such as VirtueMart,  X-cart, osCommerce, ZenCart, PinnacleCart and others. Click here to learn more.