Tech Tips

I'm not suggesting that Facebook do anything to make the service better. Instead, I am suggesting ways to make it better for the users with a few simple tools.

It seems the biggest complaint among users, old and new, is all the crap we have to wade through.

  • So and So did something on MafiaWars/Farmville/stupid game.
  • Somebody is a fan of something stupid.
  • Somebody poked somebody.
  • whatstheirname beat dummy in cards
  • Look what someone said about you

It can be overwhelming, especially for the new users who are trying to

figure out what all the talk is about. They sign up, become friends with a few people, and suddenly they get bombarded with stuff they have no interest in. "It's too much work" is the common response of those newbies looking for the exit door.

There are security and privacy settings you can edit and change and tweak and get lost in. While it is important to check all the privacy settings, it can become very intimidating for the normal person, again pushing them away from sharing this thing called Facebook.

Keeping it simple...

There is no one way to skin this cat, but here is a pretty simple way to ease the cluttery. (yes, I made up that word, so I might Trademark it)
Cluttery (tm)

We will add tools to the browser to achieve this, but adding plugins to browsers are not always easy, I need this to be simple. So just follow this 1, 2, 3, step.

  1. Install Google Chrome for your browser,
    Open the browser and proceed to next step.
  2. Install this script - Fluff Busting Purity (
    look for the "Installing FB Purity for Google Chrome" and click the script link.
    You will get a warning about script security, which you have to confirm you want to install.
  3. Install this plugin - AdBlock
    this will remove most of the ads to clear up the site a little more for you.

Done. Now login into Facebook with this browser and enjoy.

Why Google Chrome? It allows for the simple install of the scripts.
My preference is Firefox, and I use that with the add-ons, but it requires you to know about add-ons and you don't want to learn anything more. You just want to click and go. So, if you know what you are doing, install on Firefox and you'll be fine.
Oh, you don't need to make Chrome your default browser. Probably best if you don't if you are used to Internet Explorer.

What about Internet Explorer?
Sorry about that. Nope. Microsoft doesn't have an open source platform for the developers to work with to create these tools.
If you prefer Internet Explorer, that's fine. Just use Chrome for Facebook.

Fluff Busting Purity what?
This is a nice little script, originally called Facebook Purity, or better known as fbpurity. It simply hides all that fluff that is cluttering up the screen, making it easier to read the content you want.  The 'crap' is still there, and you can view all the stuff that is hidden using the links on the top of the page that say "show".
This way, you never are missing the info if you want it. It's just sorted and hidden for you.

If you find the script helpful, please donate. Think of these scripts as a favor from a friend. Would you buy them a cup of coffee for helping you make facebook easier to deal with? If I came to your house to help install some backup software, you would offer me something to eat or drink wouldn't you? So, do the same for the people who give you free scripts that make your online experience better, even if it is just $1.

Oh yes. If you don't have this yet, you are crazy. You are going to wonder why you didn't use this all along.
This has nothing to do with the Facebook apps, but it does remove all that extra advertising that is blinking in front of you.

Now, go, be free.
That's enough, goodbye.™