Tech Tips

Look at that. Hell didn't freeze over yet, but you finally gave in and joined Facebook. Wow, you are so 2008, maybe 2000&L8T. Now what do you do?

Simple: nothing...

I am now on facebook, now what do I do?

Brian Shea: don't do anything. The biggest mistake people make when first on Facebook is thinking they have to do something.

You do NOT have to respond to anything, post anything, or comment on anything. Simply look what other people are doing, and click on photos or anything that seems of interest.

Ignore all the crap like Horoscopes, Farming, Mafia, and who's a fan of what.


Catch up with what others have been doing by simply clicking on their name and going to their profile. There you can see their history, info, photos.

Brian Shea: To make it easier to wade through the junk, there are tools to help block all of it.
However, you, and most people, think it is too difficult to follow the instructions of a geek, so rather than trying, they stick with Internet Explorer.

When ready, you can go here to see how to make facebook a little easier to use.