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sos_online_backup_logoFor the past few years I have been trying out different online backup services. Eventually I might get around to writing a review of all of them, but for now I'll just share my current favorite: SOS Online Backup.

What makes it my favorite? For now, I'll just say it is affordable, secure, and most important... very easy to setup for automated backups of your computers.

Backup Up to 5 PCs with One Account

sos_online_backup_5pcsWith many families now having more than one computer in the house, it is nice to have just one account that manages all of the backups. SOS lets you backup up to five computers with one, simple account. With SOS Online Backup, all of your PCs are simply managed; no more juggling multiple accounts.

Unlike many other solutions, SOS will keep a backup of each and every version of every file that you ever backup with us. With this type of protection you never have to rename files or make new copies of file versions, you're always protecting a file that could have been lost forever.

SOS Online Backup has been PC Magazine Editors’ Choice backup solution for the last three years and is the category leader and one of the most established SaaS vendors in the market. It is also one of the most frequently recommended online backup solutions.

SOS Online Backup is a pioneer and technology leader in online backup. Established in 2001, SOS is one of the largest worldwide providers of online backup for consumers, small and medium businesses and IT/managed service providers.

With operations in North America, Asia and Europe, SOS protects millions of computers across the globe from data loss. SOS Online Backup delivers simple yet powerful online backup that has become the industry's top award winner, including Laptop Magazine's Editor's Choice and PC Magazine's Editor's Choice Award since 2006.

The SOS Online Backup solution utilizes 11 data centers across multiple continents, military-grade security and comes with unparalleled customer support.