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Extra cell phone battery and chargerSo many complaints, so many searches for solutions to the poor battery life of modern phones... we must remember the best solution is usually the simplest solution.  Extra Battery and Charger. Or an extended battery for the iphone.

These smartphones are mini computers, and we don't expect our laptops to last all day on battery, do we? It's a marvel of technology that they last as long as they do for their size.

iphone battery extender caseiPhone Battery Extender Cases

Since the iphone doesn't allow for changing batteries, you have to rely on an extender case. Some of them look really nice, and while they add to the size and heft of the iphone, they a slick.

If I had an iphone, I would have one of these cases.

 But, alas, I prefer the options available with an Android phone. Different models, different sizes, and the amazing revolutionary idea of being able to change the battery in a device that relies on a battery for power. It's hard to imagine any other device, like a camera or flashlight, that you cannot change a battery. But, Apple makes things different.  :)

Android Phones and Extra Battery Chargers

Galaxy Nexus BatteryWith an Android phone, the downside of having so many models and options is that you must know your exact model number. This is not the fault of Google (maker of the Android operating system), but instead the idiot manufacturers and dumb service providers. They seem to feel the need to create confusion in even the same model names.

A simple example is the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The GSM model (for AT&T and T-Mobile and International) uses a different battery than the one for the Verizon version.  Why? The different radio configuration could not have changed the phone design that much to force a different battery size.  Yet, there it is, and I'm sure it creates many headaches and returns. 

You want to know the EXACT model number of your phone.  For the Galaxy Nexus GSM (at&t) it is i9250. For the Galaxy Nexus LTE (verizon) it is i515.

QCell 2x Samsung Galaxy Nexus i9250 1800mAh Slim Battery + FREE Universal Battery Charger! (NOT compatible with Verzion Galaxy Nexus i515)

How many Galaxy SII versions?

battery chargerIdiots. Really, what is wrong with you manufacturers? Consistency is better in the long run, but you still need to confuse things? Let's see, a quick, very quick search gives me a bunch of model numbers with the Galaxy S2 name:

  • GT-i9100
  • SGH-T989
  • SGH-i777
  • i727 (S II Skyrocket)
QCell AT&T Samsung Galaxy S2 / SII SkyRocket i727 3850mAh Extended Battery + FREE Battery Cover! (NOT Compatible with i9100/T989/D710/i777)

extended batteryWTF?

Here's an idea... one name, same accessories. Sure, differentiate model numbers depending on provider and radio and features. But keep basics the same, like size, shape, battery. Then we can have ONE case for all the models, one battery for all the models of that name.  Is that so hard?

ugh... I feel bad for those that just don't have the time to understand all this geek crap. They shouldn't have to.

Just remember... when looking for an extra battery and/or accessories, you must know your exact model number. And be careful for the (NOT compatible) notes in descriptions, like the examples above. It is very easy to see your model number in a listing and ignore the NOT part.