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Google is shutting down?iGoogle Nov1 shutdown

What do I lose with iGoogle? 
How do I backup my iGoogle? 
What is a good igoogle replacement?

First... No, Google is not closing.

Read carefully… notice the ‘i’ in front of google. It is JUST their igoogle service that they are shutting. All email, docs, photos, videos, youtube, blogger, contacts, apps… all that is still safe and sound.  And… we have had more than a year to prepare, with multiple reminders.

I was going to write up some instructions for this, and then researching during this last month (only 2 days till iGoogle shutdown), I have found so many places that have written up our options.

So, why reinvent what others have done?

Save my iGoogle info

iGoogle shutdown soon Even if you are not ready to move on and setup something new, at the very least, SAVE your settings.

  1. Go to your iGoogle settings page

  2. Scroll to the Export/Import section at the bottom of the page.
    click for larger view of iGoogle Settings for export

  3. Click "Export" and save the file. The name of the file should be iGoogle_settings.xml.
    iGoogle Settings export download

  4. May I suggest adding your name to the filename?
    Something like iGoogle_settings_Brian.xml.
    This should help later if you happen to have other’s in the household/office/family/friends that are also saving their files.


Once you have your info, here are some option for setting up a new similar page.


myYahoo -

This was the first one I had found (and I’ve always had a Yahoo page). But their import page is sooo simple. Export from iGoogle, upload and import to Yahoo.

Extra bonus of Yahoo… you can now login with your Google account! Already have a Yahoo account? You can link it to your Google account.

igHome -

A bit wordy, but half way down the page they give basic instructions for setup on ighome.

The one benefit of yahoo and right now, over the others, is you don’t have to convert the xml file you get from igoogle. Import and you’re done. Well, except for then getting used to the new-ness.

Netvibes -

Great infographic showing what you need to do. And they give you a link to a tool that converts your settings.xml file into the OPML format.

While this is very straight-forward for tech people, I see many stumbling on the basics of opening a file in a text editor.  :)  If you have a problem, ask someone nearby to help. Yes, you will seem stupid (to both you and them), but it gets done.


Save that converted file. That’s the one you will use for most other services. Maybe save this converted file so it ends with .opml. That way you'll know the difference between the two.

Save your iGoogle settings NOW.
Worry about a replacement later.

Speaking of later... eventually I'll see about writing up some other replacement options.  Just save your settings today.