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just for info purposes.
I found a site that can quickly unlock your cell phone. Most of you might not need it, but the option is there when needed.
Unlocking? What the....?


Basically just allows you to use your phone with a different network. If you use Cingular now, and wanted to switch to Verizon for some reason, you'd just have to get a different SIM card. Or, if someone's battery dies on their phone, they can borrow your phone and just pop in their SIM card to use their service, not yours.
Better service? Maybe. Though can't be sure.
A big benefit would being able to buy a temporary SIM card in a different country/region, and call like a local. Should be cheaper than roaming.
This might not give you a better signal, or any signal in other countries. Most other countries use GSM for their phones. Cell service uses basically 4 different frequencies...
First a primer on quad-band: Quad-Band means the phone supports both CDMA and GSM, two bands each: typically 800MHz/1900MHz on CDMA and 850MHz/1900MHz on GSM. So yes, there are a few phones out there with both types of radios and which you could theoretically use on any cell network in the States. World Multi-Band doesn't have an agreed-upon definition, but typically these phones support the same four bands as a quad-band phone, plus 900MHz and 1800MHz GSM bands (which are used outside the US and Canada). Again, none of this is standardized (quad-band can mean any combination of four of those six frequencies), so be sure to check the product listing thoroughly for supported frequencies.
Blah blah. Basically, think of it as a radio. Some phones only pick up one station, others 2, 3, or 4. And so on. If you travel often, your next phone should be a Quad-band, to cover most bases. That will give you your best chance to get a signal.
That's it. Not gonna boar your anymore.